Water Damage And Typical Costs

Water damage restoration can be very expensive if you don’t have proper insurance. In some occasions, when it’s your fault, the insurance company won’t cover your costs. But, here is what you can expect when this type of accident happens. First of all, the costs will depend on several factors. It includes the size of the object, the extent of damage, materials and water type. These are the three most important categories. Category one is the cheapest one and includes cleaning the pipes and faucet. Category 2 includes overflow from washing and dishwasher, and Category three includes cleaning toxic debris and sewage.

Small area restoration

Water damageIf you want to fix small areas, such as ceiling and roof leaks, you will have to pay between $100 and $300, or you can do it for $50. It only includes the materials. The bigger the damage is, the more expensive the repair will be.

Basement Restoration

When it comes to basement restoration, these costs can be high. If you already have problems with a flooded basement, you should be prepared to pay between $500 and $10,000. Sometimes, even more, depending on the size of your basement and the level of the water. Basement restoration can be expensive, especially if you have some appliances flooded inside. It will increase your costs as well. In our estimate for about $5,000.

Burst pipe damage

It can be extremely serious because your whole house could be affected. These costs will even top the previous ones; you expect to pay between $5,000 and $70,000. We are aware that this sum may seem shocking, but a lot of things will be damaged in this process. Such as walls, paint, furniture and so on. You will have to pay for the water to be extracted from the house; the same situation will happen with the humidity because you have to prevent mold from appearing. For example, for 1-4 inches of water, the estimated amount is $7.800, for 9-12 inches the amount is larger, $18.930 and for 18 inches, you will have to pay $26.285.

Insurance can help

InsuranceIn most cases, water damage is covered by insurance. If your flood is caused by a natural disaster, the insurance should be able to cover it. In this cases, the outside water breaks inside of a house, carrying mud and infected water. The basic homeowner insurance isn’t going to cover this damage but may cover smaller damage, such as broken water pipe or others. For an insurance company to even reconsider your case, you need to maintain your system regularly and properly. Find a good insurance company that will offer you best conditions and fair price. But in the same time a fair deal.

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