How to renovate your bathroom – do it right!

When painting, it is very easy to repair the wall or change the color, but with wrongly projected installations in the bathroom, there is a big problem. Such mistakes require the performance of all works and the high costs. That is why we do recommend the various plumber in santa clara ca that might help you.

The best solution before you start working on the bathroom is to have a precise plan and the exact arrangement of all the elements. In this way, an ideal solution can be achieved and all the elements such as a bath or shower, toilet bowl, water heater etc. will be distributed properly.

Preparation works

In preparatory work, it is necessary to dismantle old sanitary ware, old tiles, installation, design a new installation, make a precise plan and layout, re-plaster the bathroom, etc. In the installation of plumbing and sewage installations, the most important is precision and expertise.

When decomposing water in the bathroom, plastic tubes are required which are extremely flexible and easy to install in contrast to galvanized. After completing the work, it is necessary to put pressure pipes and any eventual leak can be quickly noticed. Plastic pipes, above all, have a much higher safety factor, higher impact resistance, stress, and hydrostatic pressure, as well as many other advantages.

When it comes to ceramic tiles, they can be found in almost every part of the building, such as a terrace, corridor, bathroom, etc. The differences are large between tiles for the interior and exterior parts of the building, which should be given special attention.

In the bathroom are sinks, toilets, bathtubs or showers, bidets, urinals, etc. Lately, the market gives truly a huge choice and the most diversified bathroom equipment that fits into every space. When shopping, it is important to stick to the exact plan and vision as you see for your new bathroom.

The basic elements of each bathroom

What’s important is how much space you have and what are the possibilities to set up these elements. Classic bathtubs can have legs or be fitted. Shower tubs can be angular or semicircular. Like tubs when they can be fitted with or without a cab. The toilet cup is divided into a standard – plain with cistern, monoblock where the cistern is part of the cup and stand – a console with the built-in cistern system.

Sinks are divided into those that have standing, self-contained, built-in, semi-finished and upgraded. With built-in ones, the installation requires a certain furniture or a ceramic-coated concrete slab. Semi-finished is partly necessary furniture and the tops are placed on a plate or furniture.

One of the important elements is a water heater. You can choose between classic and flowing. The flow boilers have significant advantages such as smaller dimensions and unlimited amounts of hot water. The only and most important thing for the flow boilers is the need for special power supply.

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