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House with water damage – three things to consider before you buy a new home

It’s not easy to find a home that will match your needs, regarding location, size, price, design, and features. So, when you finally see a residence that will fulfill your criteria, you might be tempted to buy it, even if it comes with some imperfections.

Buying a home with water damage can be a risky move. At some point, the excess moisture may have caused the structural damage and safety hazards, such as unsound walls and mold, which can cause a variety of problems in the future. That’s why the First Home Buyers magazine has a couple of suggestions which can help you solve this issue.

Require a home inspection

The first step is to determine the water damage. To do so, you need to ask the current owner or the real estate agency a couple of important question.

What causes the water damage, was it a natural disaster, burst pipe, or leaky faucet? How soon did you notice the damage? How long has water been sitting in the house? What kind of damage was done? What actions did you take? Who fixed the problem and how did you treat the damage?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you need to inspect your home for underlying damage. In this case, make sure to hire a professional who will identify the issues and provide proper inspection.

Determine the costs

If you have decided to buy a property which has suffered water damage, then you need a detailed home inspection report. This will help you assess the probable costs and whether it’s worthy of your money.

You should get estimates from reliable contractors, who have extensive experience in water damage restoration and give them a report of home inspection. They should be able to assess the damage and how much money you’ll have to spend on repairs, including the mold removal and remediation.

It’s essential to know the costs of restoration before you place an actual bid.

Find out the final costs and submit your offer

If you want to limit the risk of loss when buying water damaged the home, then you should pay attention to the following things:

What’s the market value of the house? You can ask the local real estate agencies for the costs of similar properties in the area, who have not suffered the water damage.

Review all inspection reports and remodeling costs. You should compare the prices and calculate all the expenses necessary for the repairs.

From the market’s value take away the water damage restoration costs. This will help you figure out how much money you can spend on the house. It smart to start at a lower price to open negotiations.

Once you determine the fair price, contact a real estate attorney and decide what’s the best plan and how should you proceed. Negotiations may take a while, but when a final deal has been made, request a copy of sales contract and carefully read terms and conditions.

The highest quality water damage restoration and roofing services

In case that you have been a victim of such accident where your property was damaged by water and you require water damage restoration service, we can offer you a full service in both water restoration and roofing areas. We as a roofing and water damage restoration company know how stressful these situations can be and we are always ready to act in a timely manner and help our clients in the best way we possibly can.

water-damage-restorationTherefore, we are specialized in all facets of water damage restoration and roofing. If it is in our power, we will make this process as simple as possible for our clients because nothing is more important than their satisfaction and happiness. This is exactly why we roofers Woodbridge CT based contractors offer free roof inspections and examinations of your drain line and pipes. This was meant to prevent any damage from happening before it actually occurs.

These inspections are very helpful. They are the best prevention method. In case that intervention is needed, we offer a wide range of water damage restoration services such as water extraction and removal, dehumidification and drying. On top of everything, if you have any problems with your roof, do not worry at all because we fix roofs as well.

Our main goal is not to do what is the most profitable but the most considerable for each of our clients. In these unfortunate situations, people can lose everything they have and we know and are very well aware of how hard this can be. That is why we treat our clients the same way we would hope to be treated. That is why we are always ready to provide you with a holistic approach to restoring your property from any water damage or bringing your roof back to the state it was in before.


Our team is comprised of top experts

Any roof remodeling, reshaping, handyman services, roof cleaning and restoration, we do everything so do not hesitate to give us a call and our professional team of experts and specialists in the field will be with you in no time. We are used to working with professionals because nothing is more important than to react accordingly when our clients need our services.

When your property is at risk from water damage, every second and minute count greatly. Since this can be very time consuming, we are always ready to come in the shortest period of time possible. Our specialists will work with sheer professionalism, compassion, dedication, determination, and urgency to restore what you value and mitigate your loss in the best way possible.

You can also rest assured that we will treat your property and valuables with great care and respect. We are always prepared for your emergency and we can respond very fast if needed. We will send a technician to perform a full assessment of the situation and damage and determine the course of action.